26 Apr 2016 integration

Freckle - the efficient time tracker your team will actually use

Freckle Time Tracking now integrates seamlessly with GotDone!

Nobody likes to track their time — but it doesn't have to be a weekly fight with your team (or yourself!). And you don't have to settle for guesstimates, entered days late. Freckle was designed from the ground up to make time entry so fast and painless that your team will actually use it… and thank you for it.

You'll love it too, because you'll gain insight into your team's work rhythms, project efficiency, budgeting and overhead. Freckle's reports are designed to inform and support you as the decision maker for your business. Bonus: it's pretty!

Once you've tracked and analyzed your time, you can approve time sheets, create invoices, forward time logs to QuickBooks online, or download Excel reports with just a few clicks.

First-class integration with GotDone

GotDone's automated time tracking & activity logging plus the powerful features of Freckle makes for one killer combo.

When you connect GotDone & Freckle, you'll be able to:

  • Link work you do in 25+ services and tools to Freckle with zero hassle.
  • Run reports in Freckle based on hours you log in GotDone.
  • Identify unbilled time in GotDone, send it straight to Freckle.
  • Hours, projects and tags stay synchronized between Freckle and GotDone.
  • Forward logged time to QuickBooks Online and other services through Freckle's rich set of integrations.

... and lots more! Learn about the integration or check out the Freckle homepage for more information.

First 3 months are free!

To celebrate the integration launch, we're teaming up with Freckle to offer you the first 3 months of Freckle—for free!

Sign up for Freckle ... and save $57 by using coupon GOTDONE

(To claim your 3 free months, please send an email to Freckle support after you sign up for a free trial and mention code GOTDONE!)

The Problem

Inefficient time and work tracking practices cost the average company $50,000 per employee per year. (source)

The Solution

GotDone automatically imports your work logs from over 25 different apps, including Basecamp, Asana, and Trello, so you can see all of your work in one place. Kind of like this:

Pushed code to awesome/repo
Updated the Todays Meeting note
Made progress on 3 cards in Trello
Sent several emails
Had a discussion on Basecamp
Started a timer
Completed two tasks in Asana
Attended a meeting with the team
Discussed a card on the backlog
Keep your time tracker

GotDone plays well with other time trackers, automatically keeping your hours, projects and tasks synchronized.