17 Apr 2016

Changelog, February – April

We've been quietly working hard on making time tracking suck less. Here's what's noteworthy since February, including integrations with Freckle, Dropbox, Asana, Wunderlist and WakaTime!

New Integrations
  • Freckle time tracker fully supported.
  • Wunderlist integration syncs tasks to GotDone.
  • Dropbox integration lets you keep tabs on what files you're working on.
  • Asana task sync. Activities coming down the line.
  • WakaTime integration gives you metrics, insight and time spent on your programming activity.
  • Better descriptions on most activities in timeline
  • Added preference for 24 hours or AM/PM time format.
  • Several performance improvements (with more coming!)
  • All new connections are immediately synced (previously, manual connections import could be delayed by up to 5 minutes)
  • Timers are now accurate to the second when pausing/resuming tasks (was previously rounded to minutes)
  • Time entry form now adapts to which time tracker (if any) you connect. Projects & tasks dropdown only available when supported.
  • "Back to today" button when doing time travel.
  • Improved support for #tags in time entry form.
  • Quickly resume working on previously tasks (see +RESUME in header).
  • Made several improvements to activities grouping functionality & design.
  • A more welcoming onboarding experience – let us know what you think!
  • Streamlined how editing activities work. Default action is edit when clicking an activity, and toggle timer when clicking on an hour.
  • It's now possible to sign up or log in with Google, Freckle, Toggl or Harvest.
  • Better keyboard support: ESC now closes time entry form, popups and dropdowns
  • It's now possible to select what data the Google integrations imports (GMail/Drive/Calendar, including ability to specify which calendar subscriptions to import)
  • Generally improved tooltip usage.
  • Added new todo filtering options.
  • GotDone now does a better job at detecting which timezone you're in.
Notable bugfixes
  • Deleting cards in Trello no longer deletes activities from GotDone.
  • Fixed Toggl and Harvest syncs sometimes syncing to the wrong date.
  • Hours input now looks correct in Firefox and EDGE.
  • Editing or marking multiple activities no longer resets when new data gets imported.
  • Grouped activities no longer expand outside screen in Chrome.


Great progress is also being made on the Team features (including @mentions and activity wall), and we expect to launch atleast one more integration in April.

Would you like to have a say in the development of GotDone? Missing a feature, or want to request an integration?

Visit the public GotDone development board on Trello and vote on your favorite features! Expect more details in the near future as we groom the backlog and move more cards to the public board.

We're always on the lookout for great ideas and exciting services to integrate with. Drop us a line or comment below.

The Problem

Inefficient time and work tracking practices cost the average company $50,000 per employee per year. (source)

The Solution

GotDone automatically imports your work logs from over 25 different apps, including Basecamp, Asana, and Trello, so you can see all of your work in one place. Kind of like this:

Pushed code to awesome/repo
Updated the Todays Meeting note
Made progress on 3 cards in Trello
Sent several emails
Had a discussion on Basecamp
Started a timer
Completed two tasks in Asana
Attended a meeting with the team
Discussed a card on the backlog
Keep your time tracker

GotDone plays well with other time trackers, automatically keeping your hours, projects and tasks synchronized.