16 Mar 2015

Introducing GotDone – Time tracking solved

Having worked in an web agency setting for nearly 15 years, I've seen my fair share of time tracking problems. The "Hmm, what did I do last Monday? "-challenges, often a team sport. The frequent emails and surprise meetings that are never logged anywhere and quickly forgotten in a hectic work environment. The dreaded 'Internal' task is dark pit of lost billable hours and potential earnings.

As a web developer, most of my workday is done in online services, such as Basecamp, Github, Evernote and many others. In other words, the work I've done is already logged – just not in my timesheet.

Today, GotDone can bridge this gap for you.

A universal timeline of work done

GotDone acts as the middle-man between your existing tools and time tracker, leaving you to focus on work instead of time tracking. The timeline helps you remember, even weeks or months later.

The (time) tracker for everything in your day

But what about the other stuff that isn't in an online system? That surprise meeting, the phone calls, the picks on the shoulder.

Inspired by the trusty pen & paper method, the time tracker is dead easy to use. Hit A (for add), jot down a note, ENTER – done. 1-click time tracking will help you keep track of how long you've been in that meeting for.

Connect with Harvest for an even more powerful time tracking solution.

Open Beta

After a year in the making, the doors are finally open. Please, come on in. So far, 8 services are supported, with more coming down the line (please, send your requests!).

I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas and criticism, so drop me a line or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

The Problem

Inefficient time and work tracking practices cost the average company $50,000 per employee per year. (source)

The Solution

GotDone automatically imports your work logs from over 25 different apps, including Basecamp, Asana, and Trello, so you can see all of your work in one place. Kind of like this:

Pushed code to awesome/repo
Updated the Todays Meeting note
Made progress on 3 cards in Trello
Sent several emails
Had a discussion on Basecamp
Started a timer
Completed two tasks in Asana
Attended a meeting with the team
Discussed a card on the backlog
Keep your time tracker

GotDone plays well with other time trackers, automatically keeping your hours, projects and tasks synchronized.