03 Apr 2015

GotDone gets four new integrations!

In the past few days, we've released four new integrations: Plan.io, Toggl, Sprint.ly (realtime) and Redmine. With the Toggl integration, GotDone now supports multiple time trackers, so you can use Harvest and Toggl at the same time.

It works like this:

We'll continue to push out improvements regularly. If you're missing a service integration, or have something in particular you'd like us to improve upon, please let us know!

Thank you all for the amazing feedback so far, please keep it coming!

The Problem

Inefficient time and work tracking practices cost the average company $50,000 per employee per year. (source)

The Solution

GotDone automatically imports your work logs from over 25 different apps, including Basecamp, Asana, and Trello, so you can see all of your work in one place. Kind of like this:

Pushed code to awesome/repo
Updated the Todays Meeting note
Made progress on 3 cards in Trello
Sent several emails
Had a discussion on Basecamp
Started a timer
Completed two tasks in Asana
Attended a meeting with the team
Discussed a card on the backlog
Keep your time tracker

GotDone plays well with other time trackers, automatically keeping your hours, projects and tasks synchronized.