Time Tracking 2.0: The Smarter Way to Log Your Hours

Eager to give GotDone a spin? Here are just a few of the features you’ll find:

Easy Integrations with Your Favourite Apps

GotDone automatically imports your work logs from over 25 different third party apps, including Basecamp, Asana, and Trello, so you can see all of your work in one place.

Plays Well with Other Time Trackers

Whether you track your hours in GotDone, Toggl, Harvest, or another program, GotDone will automatically sync your hours across all of your time trackers – so you don’t have to.

Tag Team Members Fast
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Need input from a colleague? You can tag your coworkers on your tasks and help them track their hours on your projects by using the @mentions function.

See All of Your Tasks in One Place

When you have a zillion different things on the go, it’s hard to remember what needs to get done and when. GotDone’s To-Do Overview allows you to see all of your assigned to-dos in one place, making it easy to prioritize the most important tasks.

Stopwatch Makes Timing Yourself Easy

Our simple stopwatch allows you to quickly see how much time you’re spending on tasks.

Optimize Your Productivity with the Mood Diary

GotDone’s one-click mood diary can track your mood across multiple tasks and even allows you to record your thoughts, so you can always see how your mood is impacting your work.

BEAUTIFUL INTERFACE Built for Efficient Time Tracking

Team Collaboration

Never Forget to Log Colleagues’ Hours Again
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Give and Get Help from @Teammates

You’re stuck. A colleague lends a hand, and 15 minutes later you’ve solved the problem. Will you both remember to log it in your timetrackers?

With GotDone, you can easily log time spent working with teammates by using the @mention function.

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Quickly See Team Status Updates

Working remotely makes it difficult to stay in the loop with teammates – especially if it’s a collaborative project with lots of moving parts. But with our Team Status feature, you can see everything that your teammates have been working on and share your progress with them. That means nothing gets forgotten.

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Slack & Hipchat Integration: You Keep the Tools You Love

GotDone integrates with Slack and Hipchat, so you can get status updates or even log time in GotDone using your favourite chat solution. Need to log time on a project? Just use the command /gotdone What I did on $project with @teammate.

Manage Your Workload and Reclaim Your Headspace

Universal Tasklist Puts All Your Assignments in View

Did you remember to accomplish everything listed in Basecamp? Don’t forget to check Asana! What about Trello? Oh wait – that important client note was in Slack, not Gmail.

The pain is real. But now, with GotDone’s universal tasklist, you can see all of your to-do items in the same place – without logging into a dozen different platforms.

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Your Daily Agenda: The Next Best Thing to a Personal Assistant

Do you know what’s on the schedule for this afternoon? What about which colleagues are waiting for your input? When is that meeting, again? With GotDone’s daily agenda, you can see what your colleagues have been doing and get a quick rundown of the day ahead – so you never feel frazzled again.

INTEGRATIONS Works with Your Existing Tools

Whether you’re putting together an invoice for hourly work or just reviewing your progress, pulling information from eight different platforms is a lot of work. That’s why GotDone synchronizes with your existing apps to show you everything you’ve worked on – so you don’t have to search through programs and folders when it’s invoice time.