Track things you do and plan

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GotDone automatically keeps track of Pipedrive activities like contacting clients, making plans, completing todos and much more. Stop wasting valuable time keeping accurate records of what you're working on – automate it!

  • Detailed reports from Pipedrive show up in GotDone
  • Assigned todos from Pipedrive show up in GotDone
  • Never again default to "I can't remember what I worked on"
  • Increase billables – or your money back!
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About Pipedrive

A simple and visual sales pipeline tool that teams love to use

Set up Pipedrive integration

  • In Pipedrive, navigate to settings, open the API panel, select the API key, and copy it.
  • In GotDone, locate Pipedrive in the integrations list, and click to edit.
  • Enter API key and click save

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INTEGRATIONS Works with Your Existing Tools

Whether you’re putting together an invoice for hourly work or just reviewing your progress, pulling information from eight different platforms is a lot of work. That’s why GotDone synchronizes with your existing apps to show you everything you’ve worked on – so you don’t have to search through programs and folders when it’s invoice time.