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How do you figure that?

You can’t bill for hours that you can’t prove you worked. That half hour lunch you spent sketching out concepts, the hour of research right before bed… if you don’t track it, you forget about it – and then as far as everyone else is concerned, it never happened.

But when you automatically track your time, you remember the little pieces of work that happen but often get forgotten about – and you can then bill accordingly.

Get the recognition (and income) you deserve by tracking your time.

”You don’t offer reporting and billing features!”

That’s true! We don’t offer any reporting or billing features. Instead, we chose to focus on connecting existing time trackers so you can always see your progress. That means with GotDone, you can always see detailed records of everything you’ve ever worked on, even weeks or months after the fact.

”I already use a time tracker!”

Excellent! Just as you should be. Here’s the deal: We’re not asking you to switch to a different time tracker.

GotDone was never designed to replace existing time trackers – rather, GotDone integrates your existing time tracker with your other productivity software. GotDone simply connects your existing tools together, so you can always see what happens and when – and setting it up takes only a minute.

”How do I know your software isn’t spying on me?”

It’s not; we promise. GotDone only uses the information you provide (or authorize other services to provide). We don’t monitor your computer use or log your passwords. Your privacy is important to us, which is why all of the information you provide us with is kept behind SSL security measures.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Is this just for freelancers?

Not at all! Though it is popular among freelancers because it’s so easy to use, GotDone was designed with agencies in mind.

In fact, some of our agency clients have seen their billable hours increase by as much as 25% by simply tracking their hours better. And when you bill at $200 per hour, that’s a lot of money.

”Unlogged hours aren’t a problem for my business! My team is on the ball!”

Of course you trust your team – as you well should. They’re experts that you’ve assembled to be awesome and to help you do awesome things. And that means they’re likely working hard to ensure their hours get logged.

But even the most diligent and conscientious employees and contractors can fall victim to human error. All it takes is for one person to have one off day – all it takes is one employee’s newborn baby to spend half the night crying, one contractor’s mother to fall ill, one co-worker burning out after a series of high-stakes rush projects - and suddenly you’ve got unlogged hours to deal with. And with unlogged hours comes the added expense of HR and management spending their time tracking down and sorting out the discrepancy.

With GotDone, your employees’ and contractors’ hours are much easier to log – and that means nothing gets forgotten.

”You’re an unproven startup! Why should I trust you?”

GotDone founder Timm Stokke is designer & developer with over 15 years of experience in solving business’ problems by building innovative, easy-to-use websites and apps. And over the course of his time in the industry, time tracking has been a persistent thorn in his side. That’s what motivated him to create GotDone.

As a web developer who has worked in a variety of agency settings on two continents, he knows firsthand the universal time-tracking problems that large businesses face. And with his creativity and technical background, he’s well positioned to solve those problems.

FLEXIBLE PRICING Time Tracking is More Affordable Than Ever

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  • Collaborative time tracking
  • @mentions and status updates
  • $10 discount on additional seats
  • 1 custom integration
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  • Unlimited integrations
  • Automated import
  • Email reports (coming soon)
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  • Unlimited data retention
Basic Free forever
  • 2 integrations
  • Automated import
  • 30-day data retention

Our Guarantee to You

We guarantee that you’ll absolutely love GotDone. We also guarantee that using GotDone will increase your billable hours – and that you’ll earn back the subscription fee within the first 30 days of using it. If not, we’ll happily refund your money and cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

Need a Custom Integration? Give Us a Call

GotDone’s “Team” package includes one custom integration with the system of your choice, provided that the system has a compatible API. Contact GotDone today to get your free custom integration.