Stick with the time tracker you love.

GotDone automatically syncs with your existing time tracker, so you don’t have to learn a brand new system.

GotDone syncs with your existing time tracker

GotDone was designed to save you time, not force you to learn how to track time all over again. That’s why we’ve worked hard to offer integrations with a wide variety of other time tracking solutions, so you can track the time your team spends on projects without forcing people to adapt to a new tracking tool.

GotDone’s two-way synchronization means that both GotDone and supported partner apps receive automatic updates every few minutes. Simply set it and forget it – GotDone is on the ball.

You can even export hours spent on a project from GotDone to multiple different time trackers, so everyone sees your hours in their time tracker of choice.

With our partner integrations, you can always see all of your work in multiple different platforms listed in one place.

"Wait, so GotDone doesn’t replace my current time tracker?"

Nope! Replacing a time tracker is a huge undertaking, and one that runs contrary to the reason we created GotDone – to save you time. Different teams will have a specific time tracker preference – some will want to use Toggl, others will want to use Harvest, et cetera.

That’s where GotDone steps in. With GotDone, you can synchronize data across multiple different time trackers. So if your web developer uses Toggl, your copywriter uses Harvest, and your project manager uses Timely, you can still see all of their hours logged in one place.

Supported Time Trackers

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Main benefits
  • Keep hours, projects and tasks in sync
  • Use apps from your provider side-by-side with GotDone
  • Syncs every 5 minutes

Harvest: Timesheets and Billing Made Simple

With Harvest, you can track time, send invoices, and get in-depth productivity reports, which makes managing employee timesheets and billing easy. Best of all, you can start for free.

Pair Harvest with GotDone and you’ll always be able to see what you worked on in Harvest – and where your Harvest work sits in your overall schedule.

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Toggl: Project Updates are Easy

Toggl is a simple online time tracker that makes it easy to see where you’re spending your time. Toggl has both free and paid apps available. With Toggl, you can organize your time by project and mark your time as either billable or non-billable, so you can always see your billable hours ratio. Toggl also has beautifully designed visual charts to show you your time reports and your billings.

And when you integrate Toggl with GotDone, you get both the reporting capabilities of a world-class time tracker and the organizational benefits of a tracking assistant.

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Timely: Track and Schedule at the Same Time

Timely is a gorgeous and easy-to-use time tracker that also supports project scheduling. With Timely, you can view reports on project progress, easily see visually appealing graphs and calendars that show you how you spend your time, and even assign dollar values to time slots based on project costs. You can even see how much time you allotted for a task and compare your time estimate to how much time you actually spent on the task – which can help you better plan tasks in the future.

When integrated, you can use Timely and GotDone side-by-side to see both how much time you’ve spent on a project and what that project was worth. GotDone automatically synchronizes data with Timely every 5 minutes, so you’re never left searching through logs for forgotten hours so you can finish filling out a timesheet.

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Freckle: User-Friendly Integrated Time Tracking

Freckle is the time tracker for people who hate time trackers. Freckle’s user-friendly design has made it a hit among teams of any size, and with its QuickBooks Online integration, it’s easy to export hours to an invoice and send the bill to the client. Freckle also integrates with Basecamp and offers a variety of flexible use options, including a web app, Mac app, and mobile app. Freckle also makes it easy to see your team’s work rhythms, your team member utilization, and your unbillable time and overheads per project or per client.

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When you integrate GotDone with Freckle, you get all the flexibility and export capabilities of a world-class time tracker and the collaborative team element of our time-tracking assistant. With GotDone integration, Freckle can work in tandem with your Evernote, Trello, iCal, or Asana account, eliminating the need to set up manual data synchronization. You simply integrate the apps once, and GotDone handles the rest.

But that's just the time trackers!

GotDone also offers simple, 1-minute integrations with a variety of services, like project management suites, support systems, CRMs, bug trackers, and much more. Now, you can connect all of your tools together so you always know where your time has gone.